A Guide To Understanding The Different Types Of Car Batteries

The battery is an important part of your car. It acts as a source of power for your automobile. It supplies electrical energy for your car and is useful in powering up various different features. Without a battery that functions properly, you wouldn’t even be able to start your vehicle. There are several dangers that come with a car battery that isn’t functioning properly. So it should be one of your priorities to make sure your car battery is well equipped and works properly before you take your vehicle out for a spin. Your car may use different types of batteries depending on how they work. Your car has several different functions and there’s a type of high quality battery for each specific application. This guide will detail the different types of batteries used by your car for each of its operations and help you get a better understanding of how your automobile works.

SLI batteries are commonly used in a car for its basic functions. It’s responsible for making sure your car starts, powering up your lights and the ignition as well. It also supplies power to certain internal components such as the radio and CD player. These batteries are designed to exert a maximum amount of power in short bursts so it’s the ideal system for starting up your car. Marine batteries provide limited power over a longer period of time. The amount of power exerted is in short supply comparatively but can also last for longer durations. This type of battery is popular with smaller automobiles such as golf carts and are also used in marine vehicles.

Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries or VRLA for short, are designed in such a way that its battery cells do not require water and can function with minimum maintenance. The batteries are tightly sealed and as a result, cannot be serviced. Your only option is to have them replaced. Agm batteries are a type of VRLA battery that is able to deploy a higher amount of power in short bursts because of the way it’s designed.Wet cell batteries, also known as flooded batteries, are given that name because they happen to contain liquid in them. They are less costly alternatives when compared to other types of batteries but they are also less functional and durable. They also require more maintenance.

Lithium ion batteries are quite common in new age automobiles such as hybrid cars. These types of batteries are able to store a higher amount of energy and also weigh a lot less comparatively. However, these batteries are not durable and have a short life span.