Car Vs Bike

4 wheels or 2 wheels both are considered as a blessing provides unlimited facility like transportation, no need to wait for buses or take tickets of the trams. Just key in, ignition and accelerate to move towards the destiny. But still there is an old debate coming along long way which one is better.

There are certain events in life where 2 wheels are considered as the best and the most feasible option, there are certain regions where one cannot even think of a car; bike is the only and the most suitable option left. Countries like Thailand, Pakistan and Indonesia where roads are narrow and traffic is massive bike is the feasible option.

As far as mileage is concerned, overall bike provides a reasonably good mileage per liter but there are certain cars and advanced systems of cars which are now providing suitable mileage (although not exactly equal to bike) but yes overall a good deal. Now if we talk about the luxury no bike can provide a person good luxury along with style and comfort. Talking about comfort imagines a family of 4 how would it be if that person travels on a bike (obviously sound almost impossible and uncomfortable at the same time) bike is really cool to impress girls when one is single and don’t have a child but once married, in order to act responsible buy a car or luxury car hire Cairns. Furthermore, the overall resale value amount is marginally different from a 2 wheeler, buying a car is an investment not an expense whenever one wants he/she can easily avail the benefit of it.

During rush hours biker can go reasonably anywhere they want, no need of unusual wait or anything. But in some countries there are some weird rules of status, they usually judge a person’s status with the vehicles they ride/drive. Surprisingly in some countries bikes are considered as a symbol of a low financial status person, on the other hand for example: in United States of America bikes are considered as a luxury whereas car can be afforded by almost anybody. See the difference is all about perception although the vehicles are not changing or varying from country to country.

Talking generically, bikes are considered as a dangerous vehicle as compared to car. In case of any incident it is quite obvious that 2 wheelers are more volatile towards damage as compared to 4 wheelers. During rain times a bike is 4 times more dangerous than a car (as a bike could be slipped, hit by a car in case of heavy rain due to low visibility)?

Still there are bike lover, there are car lovers preferences and choices depends on person’s personal choices. Still danger adventure and thrill is intact with a bike ride and can never be denied. Same is with a car the luxury the comfort the feel of a car can never be enjoyed in a bike and most importantly a family guy can never think of a bike. Browse this website to find out more details.