Different Types Of Trucks And Their Uses

Automobiles are a common sight in the modern world. You would be likely to see plenty every time you step outside the house. Commercial ownership of automobiles has increased so much to the point that there are daily traffic jams. Humans have come a long way since using horse carriages and now the primary form of transport is cars. However, there are vehicles that aren’t commonly used for commercial purposes. Trucks are larger, sturdier vehicles that are much heavier than the average car and used for specific duties. It can range from the transporting of heavy goods to being a mobile service unit. These type of trucks are useful for many reasons such as being able to accommodate large items due to its capacity. Trucks are generally slower than cars and aren’t used for leisure activities. Their function in the world today is for work purposes mainly and can be termed as the modern work horse. There are many different types of trucks used for specific scenarios.

Fire trucks

Fire trucks are used as a vehicle by emergency responders, namely the fire department. The trucks are designed in a way that can hold large amounts of water and comes equipped with hoses. This makes it convenient for firefighters to extinguish large flames. Fire trucks are quite large in size and come with their own sirens to alert drivers to make way.

Tow trucks

A towing service is required when a car breaks down in an inconvenient place. Cars that experience engine trouble are prone to breaking down and would need to be moved to a garage swiftly so they can be repaired. It can be quite inconvenient for both the driver and the passengers of the road when the car breaks down.

A tow truck service can be called upon to assist with the issue. Tow trucks can attach themselves to the broken down cars via a mechanical system and transport them safely to a garage. There are varying sizes of tow trucks to accommodate for all the different types of vehicles.

Garbage trucks

Garbage trucks are dispatched by the municipal council of a city to keep the streets clean. They are used by sanitation services and contain a mechanical system in the rear that compacts the trash that is picked up. The garbage collected is then stored within the truck and transported safely to a dump where it can be discarded.

Food trucks

Food trucks are basically mobile restaurants that travel to different locations to sell their cuisine. They are becoming increasingly popular in the modern world due to the fact that it is convenient for the customers as the food is delivered right to them.