Tips For Heavy Duty Vehicle Maintenance

Heavy duty machinery helps us carry out tasks that are simply not doable with lighter equipment or standard everyday vehicles, making them some of the best workhorses available nowadays. As a result of that, heavy duty machines like trucks, semis, excavators and even forklifts are built to certain standards to ensure that they can endure heavy stress and load for continuous periods of time without stopping. Still, constant usage will inevitably take its toll on a machine, no matter how well it is engineered and built. This can be exacerbated by the fact that most people don’t really want to take their time to ensure their vehicles are properly maintained and serviced. But if you care at least a little about machines in general, you should understand that a good maintenance record can make a vehicle last much longer than planned, which leads to lower repair costs and less of a need to get new machinery due to the old ones constantly breaking down.When it comes to heavy-duty vehicle maintenance: remember to always keep these pointers in the back of your mind:

Keep Them Clean

Cleaning machinery may seem redundant, but it can help somewhat with reducing corrosion damage and excessive wearing out of external bodywork. You don’t have to clean your vehicles every day, but it is certainly a good idea to give them a nice wash once you complete a major job or at set time intervals.

Schedule Check-Ups

Heavy duty vehicle maintenance is usually done as part of regular check-up routines. During these check-ups, vehicles undergo inspection of all of their systems, ranging from parts like tyres and wheels to internal components like the engine and their diesel fuel filtration systems. Regular check-ups are advantageous because they can detect most malfunctions quite early, thus saving you money on otherwise expensive repairs down the line.

Provide Good Quality Fuel

Heavy duty machinery may have higher fuel tolerances than most light vehicles, but this doesn’t mean that you can just top them up with the cheapest fuel you can find. In fact, this is not recommended as it can lead to serious problems with fuel contamination, which will necessitate the use of a diesel fuel tank cleaner or similar method in order to remove the contaminants.

Consider Using Storage Facilities

Many heavy-duty vehicle owners choose to store their precious machines outside, where they will be inevitably subjected to the forces of nature. Ultimately, these vehicles won’t last long as they will quickly decay and deteriorate due to the wildly varying outside conditions. Having a few storage spaces available on hand can be a great way to protect your machinery when not in use, thus prolonging their usable life quite significantly.